ICEF celebrated 10 years in Canada at the 2019 ICEF Vancouver event held between April 24 and 26, and SideKick Card was the registration sponsor. 1 021 participants from 67 countries around the world attended the Vancouver event, and received a SideKick brochure and a sweet treat in their registration package.

Additionally, Euro Asia Pay team presented the parental portal to agents and school representatives at the SideKick booth. “It was possible to simulate how parents send money to SideKick Cards and how receipt alerts were presented on students cellphones,” stated Nicole Donnelly, Euro Asia Pay’s Chief Marketing Officer.

The conference in Vancouver received 250 educational institutions from Canada and the US as well as 50 service providers from nine countries. They engaged in 8 687 one-to-one business meetings with 428 carefully selected student recruitment agents representing 345 agencies from 65 countries.